Current Board Members

Past and current Board Members from left to right: Rebecca Sero, Sarah Feeney, Jana Meinhold, Todd Martin, and Rayna Sage

NWCFR President

Silvia Bartolic, PhD ([email protected])
Senior Instructor, Department of Sociology
University of British Columbia

NWCFR President Elect

Vacant – please contact Silvia Bartolic or Jana Meinhold if you are interested in serving on the Board

NWCFR Past President

Jana L. Meinhold, PhD, CFLE ([email protected])
Associate Professor, Child, Youth, and Family Studies
Portland State University

I am an Associate Professor of Child and Family Studies at Portland State University. I received my BA and MA in Human Development from Washington State University, Pullman and my PhD in Human Development and Family Sciences from Oregon State University. As a graduate student at OSU I was introduced to NCFR and have enjoyed the benefits and collegial supports of NCFR and NWCFR ever since. I am a life course researcher with an interdisciplinary social sustainability lens in the areas of 1) positive youth development; 2) engagement with the environment (built and natural) and its influence on individual development, as well as family and community health and; 3) the linked lives of siblings through their life transitions. I have been an active member of NCFR since 2000.

NWCFR Treasurer

Rebecca Sero, PhD ([email protected])
Evaluation Specialist, Community and Economic Development
Washington State University Extension

I am an Assistant Professor and the Evaluation Specialist for Washington State University Extension, responsible for increasing WSU Extension’s capacity to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs and services. I work closely with teams to conduct periodic, focused evaluations of major WSU Extension programs, including many related to Youth and Family programming.  I have been a member of NCFR since graduate school and joined NWCFR when I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2014.  I look forward to working with students and professionals throughout the region!

NWCFR Membership and Public Relations Chair

Vacant – please contact Silvia Bartolic or Jana Meinhold if you are interested in serving on the Board

NWCFR Student Representative

Brenda Barrett-Rivera, MA ([email protected])
PhD Student, Human Development & Family Sciences
Oregon State University

Brenda is interested in family resilience, with a specific focus on low-income families’ survival strategies and their implications for health and family relationships. Currently, she is examining how low-income, rural families develop and implement strategies to maintain housing over time.

Cristina McAllister ([email protected])
Doctoral Student, Prevention Science
Washington State University

I am a doctoral student in the Prevention Science program, an interdisciplinary degree program which is housed in the Department of Human Development at Washington State University. My research interests are in parent-child communication and the use of media. Specifically I am interested in how music videos and video games impact adolescent development and parent-teen communication.

NWCFR Washington Representative

Elise Murowchick, Ph.D., CFLE ([email protected])
Lecturer, Psychology
Seattle University

Elise trained in Human Development and Family Studies, Biopsychology, and Health Psychology, is a lecturer in the Seattle University Department of Psychology where she pursues research that includes child and adolescent health, risk behaviors, and well-being and as well as research on teaching and learning. I have been a long time member of NCFR.

NWCFR Oregon Representative

Kelly Chandler, PhD
Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Sciences
Oregon State University

Kelly studies the implications of work experiences (e.g., conditions, policies, practices) for individual, family, and organizational well-being. The majority of her research focuses on how parents’ work experiences influence parent-child interactions, family time, and children’s health and well-being. To examine emotional transmission processes within the family, she uses intensive repeated measures, including daily diaries and ecological momentary assessments.

NWCFR Alberta, Canada Representative

Nicole Letourneau, PhD, ([email protected])
Professor, Faculty of Nursing; Norlien/ACHF Chair in Parent-Infant Mental Health
University of Calgary

NWCFR British Columbia, Canada Representative

Todd F. Martin, PhD, CFLE ([email protected])
Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Trinity Western University

Todd F. Martin is Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology at Trinity Western University. He is co-author of Families Across the Life Course (White, Martin, & Bartolic, 2012) as well as Family Theories (White, Klein, & Martin, 2015). He holds degrees in Theology, Family Studies, and Sociology. His work has been published in journals such as the Journal of Family Theory and ReviewJournal of Adolescent Research and International Migration Review. He has also contributed to edited volumes on the topic of fertility as well as work and family interaction. His current research is on family structure, cohabitation, adolescent religious socialization and the history of family theory.  He is a member of the National Council on Family Relations currently serving as the Rueben Hill Award Committee Chair and is also active in the Theory Construction and Research Methodology Workshop. He is also a Certified Family Life Educator.

NWCFR Idaho State Representative

Vacant – please contact Silvia Bartolic or Jana Meinhold if you are interested in serving on the Board

NWCFR Montana State Representative

Vacant – please contact Silvia Bartolic or Jana Meinhold if you are interested in serving on the Board

NWCFR Ex-Officio Member

Kathleen Rodgers, PhD ([email protected])
Associate Professor, Human Development
Washington State University